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Entrepreneurialism & Business through the art of William Notman

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Entrepreneurialism & Business
through the art of William Notman

Grades K to 12

William Notman (1826–1891) was a Scottish immigrant who settled in Montreal in 1856 and soon opened a photography business that he later expanded into a network of photography studios. He was extremely successful, and he became the first Canadian photographer to gain international recognition. Notman is noted for his various reinventions of photographic techniques and his use of technology to create innovative composite photographs. Starting a business can be a risky venture, and entrepreneurs require special skills in order to make their businesses both a reality and a success. In this guide, students will investigate entrepreneurialism and business skills through the art of William Notman.

  • What makes a good entrepreneur?
  • Explore William Notman’s Innovations & Success
  • “Stepping in Role” to Create a Business Pitch for William Notman

Visual Arts, English, Social Studies, Business Studies, and more

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