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Living Things & Habitats through the art of Homer Watson

Teacher Resource Guide

Living Things & Habitats
through the art of Homer Watson

Grades 1 to 12

Homer Watson (1855–1936) was one of the country’s most important nineteenth-century artists, and he is best known for his landscapes of Canada. Although Watson did not work in a revolutionary style like Impressionism or Post-Impressionism, adopted by many European painters of his day, his views about land were ahead of their time. He believed in maintaining sustainable relationships with nature and in preserving the environment. The lands of southern Ontario were very important to him personally, and he knew them well. In this guide Watson’s connection to the natural world is used as a foundation for students’ exploration of plants, animals, and everything they need to live in a healthy ecosystem.

  • The Characteristics and Needs of Plants
  • Risks to Healthy Environments
  • Habitats and Ecosystems

Biology, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Visual Arts, and more

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