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Multiculturalism through the art of William Kurelek

Teacher Resource Guide

Multiculturalism through the
art of William Kurelek

Grades 2 to 12

William Kurelek (1927–1977), a second-generation Canadian of Ukrainian descent, had a deep respect for his family’s Eastern European culture and background. He sought opportunities to learn more about his heritage by taking courses on it and participating in Ukrainian student clubs while studying at university. Equally fascinated by Canada’s cultural diversity, Kurelek spent much of his life, once he became an artist, journeying across the country to capture the traditions and celebrations of others. Today multiculturalism is a key tenet of our country: Canada is home to many cultural traditions, and Canadians aspire to build community through diversity. This guide uses the work of Kurelek to help students explore a variety of cultural traditions, consider their own personal narratives of Canadian identity, and develop understanding and empathy for all.

  • Explore our cultural traditions and celebrations
  • Explore immigration stories
  • Create self-portraits

History, Social Studies, Visual Arts, and more

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