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Simple Machines through the art of Sorel Etrog

Teacher Resource Guide

Simple Machines
through the art of Sorel Etrog

Grades 4 to 8

Sorel Etrog (1933–2014) was a leading artist in twentieth-century Canada, and although he worked in different media, he is most famous for his sculptures. Drawing on a wide array of forms, he created works with remarkable energy and tension; many of his works seem to defy gravity. He created several sculptures for public spaces, and he encouraged public engagement, advising that people should not be intimidated by sculpture. In this guide Etrog’s works are used to examine mechanics in both the natural and the mechanical worlds and to inspire investigation of organic forms and the function of simple machines. Using this investigation as a jumping-off point students will design and analyze their own versions of simple machines, showing their understanding of function and design.

  • Classify organic and mechanical systems
  • Find and explain mechanisms
  • Organic forms and simple machines

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