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The Big Questions through the art of Jin-me Yoon

Teacher Resource Guide

The Big Questions through the art of Jin-me Yoon

Grades 10-12

With a career that spans over three decades, contemporary artist Jin-me Yoon (b.1960) has consistently explored some of the deepest corners of philosophical questioning and thought. The learning activities in this guide follow the artist’s engagement with the “big questions” related to modes of representation, sites of significance, and the entanglements between lived experiences and official histories. Through engagement with Yoon’s work, students are invited to consider their own perspectives on the things that matter most: their relationships to the self; their relationships with others; and the shared histories we all embody.

  • Terms of Inclusion: Perspective and Representation
  • The Big Picture: Creating Relational Histories
  • Grounded in Place: Exploring Sites of Significance

Philosophy, Visual Arts, Humanities, History, Media Studies, and more

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