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Topography through the art of Takao Tanabe

Teacher Resource Guide

Topography through the art of Takao Tanabe

Grades 7-12

West Coast painter Takao Tanabe (b.1926) is revered for his ability to create landscape works of great depth and subtlety that reflect the country’s diverse topography. With a career that spans more than seven decades, Tanabe’s work is a reflection of both his skill as an artist and the beauty of Canada’s natural geography. Through a close consideration of the artist’s atmospheric creations, the learning activities in this guide invite students to deepen their understanding of landscape, geological forces, topographic mapping, and human uses of the land.

  • Geological History
  • Topographic Mapping
  • Humans and Topography

Canadian Geography, Regional Geography, Physical Geography, Environment and Resource Management, Humanities, and more.

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